Employee Welfare

Daxin believes business excellence stems from ‘people excellence’. Therefore, Daxin provides employees with competitive welfare, as well as a safe, humane management, and a creativity-inspiring working environment.

Salary System

Daxin offers competitive compensation, including a bonus system based on personal performance and overall corporation operation.

Work/leave system

Daxin provides employees with a holiday system that is better than Standard Labor Act. Additional to statutory leave ,we offers a variety of leave types that exceed the minimum legal requirements.

  1. Flexible leaves for balancing their work and personal life.
  2. Birthday leave
  3. Engagement Leave
  4. Volunteer Leave: Employees are encouraged to participate in social welfare activities.

Insurance Plan

For more complete insurance protection and employee safety, Daxin provides not only Medical and Labor Insurance in accordance with local laws, but also commercial insurance covering life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance and cancer insurance.

Health Care

Daxin takes care of employee considerably with newcomer physical examinations and regular health examinations to ensure employees’ health.

Comfortable Working Environment

We provide complimentary coffee anytime. Daxin also provides dormitory facilities, parking area, staff cafeteria, library, and nursing room for employees’ convenience.

Various Activities

Daxin’s Welfare Committee holds various types of activities each year, such as bicycle-riding, festival celebrations, birthday celebrations, karaoke parties, variety of sports competitions, and company trip.

Personal Training and Development

Daxin encourages employees to accumulate expertise. Supplementary to diverse training programs in Daxin, employees with aspirations may be eligible for financial assistance for work-related courses outside Daxin.