Company Profile

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Policy

Daxin is committed to innovative R&D and the development of core technology.

We proactively protect our R&D achievements through the establishment of systematic IP management and build high-quality patent portfolio through integration of IP resources and collaborative innovations.

Strengthen awareness of intellectual property by regular employee training and adopt effective measures to ensure the freedom of operation.


Intellectual Property Scheme

To ensure the company's R & D results and effectiveness of intellectual property management to achieve the goal, the company has formulated the Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) to fulfill the intellectual property management policies.

  1. Aspects of Patent
    We create “Patent Control/Incentive Regulations“ complying with TIPS specifications to firmly carry out a PDCA management cycle for the acquisition, protection, maintenance and utilization of patents.  We take measures such as the IP incentive system, education and training, periodic reports and internal review meetings to fulfill the encourage of R&D and the protection of achievements. We respect the intellectual property rights of others, meanwhile legally enhance our market competitiveness, further improve the IP risk control, and lower the operation risk of the company roundly.

  2. Trade Secret Management
    Document Management: Confidential Information SOP, Experiment Record Management Procedure, Disclosure of Technical Information Standard, etc.
    Location Management: Access Control of offices and laboratories.
    People Management: Recruiting and Resignation Procedure, Work Rules, Employee Training, etc.


Since its inception in 2006, the company has actively drawn up requirements for  intellectual property management, formulating related Standard Operation Procedures gradually, and improved IP management systems:

“Patent  management and incentive Regulations”: R&D developments and patent prosecution information can be used and be traced.
Participated in  a TIPS diagnostic consulting plan, and the "Intellectual Property Maintenance and Management Regulations " and the "Patent Dispute Resolution Regulations" were formulated.
Applied and implemented “A+ Industrial innovative R&D program” held by Ministry of Economic Affairs, and conduct the research and development of key technologies, meanwhile produced multinational patent portfolio.
  • Intellectual property achievements:
    As of December 31, 2020, the company has accumulated 400 patent applications worldwide and the cumulative number of issued patents is 244.
  • Education & Training:
    Internal training:Seven sessions held in the past five years, including IP Law, Patent Filing & Patent Prosecution, Risk Assessment and Management, and Introduction to Patent Search Tools.
    External training:Patent engineers participate in external professional training and seminars regularly and also “Multi-disciplinary Training Program for Senior Personnel in Technology Management” in the United States.