Company Profile

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Management Policies

  • Actively innovate in research and development, deepening core technology.
  • Protect key materials and promote patent layout.
  • Establish systematic management and integrate intellectual property resources.
  • Strengthen intellectual property awareness and control intellectual property risks.

Intellectual Property Management Goals

  • Implement internally developed intellectual property management system(s).
  • Achieve TIPS A-level certification.
  • Attain a 100% pre-research intellectual property evaluation rate (calculated by number of patent pre-research / number of researchers with at least one year of experience).
  • Patent Acquisition Ratio above 82%.
  • Ensure specialized patent personnel undergo over 10 hours per person of external advanced training.
  • Offer more than 5 patent courses for research and development staff internally.

Intellectual Property Scheme

To ensure the effectiveness of the company's R&D results and achieve intellectual property management goals, the company has established an "Intellectual Property Maintenance and Management Guidelines" to implement its intellectual property management policies.

  1. Aspects of Patent
    The company has set up a PDCA management cycle for the acquisition, protection, maintenance, and utilization of patents. According to the "Patent Management and Incentive Regulations", management processes compliant with TIPS standards are executed for R&D results. This includes patent reward systems, educational training, regular reporting, and management review meetings to ensure patent development and protection. Patent analysis is used to establish legal competitive barriers and to effectively set and timely adjust market competition or licensing strategies. Additionally, "Patent Dispute Resolution Guidelines" are in place to ensure effective risk management.

  2. Trade Secret Management
    • Document Management: Confidential Information Security Standards, Experiment Record Management Procedure, Guidelines for Disclosure of Information on Technical Cooperation.
    • Location Management: Access control.
    • Personnel Management: Recruiting and Resignation Procedure, Work Rules, Employee Training.


The company reports on intellectual property-related matters to the board of directors annually. The most recent report was submitted in May 2023.
Since its inception, our company has actively established systems related to intellectual property rights (patents/trade secrets), and has continuously revised and added articles to enhance our intellectual property management:

Established the "Patent Management and Incentive Regulations" for procedural management and tracking of technical data and application processes.
Participated in the TIPS diagnostic and guidance program to thoroughly understand our intellectual property management and established the "Intellectual Property Maintenance and Management Guidelines" and "Patent Dispute Resolution Guidelines".
Applied for and implemented the "Ministry of Economic Affairs A+ Enterprise Innovation R&D Refinement Program", focusing on multi-national patents for key technologies, optimizing patent proposal KPIs, and controlling R&D risks through the program.
Established the "Intellectual Property Management Manual", "Intellectual Property Internal Audit Procedures", and "Intellectual Property Management Review Control Procedures".
Established the "Intellectual Property Corrective and Preventive Measures Procedures".
  • Intellectual Property Achievements:
    As of December 31, 2023, the company has accumulated 442 patent applications worldwide and the cumulative number of issued patents is 316.
  • Education & Training:
    Internal training:In 2023, 8 sessions were held with 150 participants, totaling 265 hours, covering patent regulations, applications, risk assessment, and introduction to search tools.
    External training:In 2023, patent personnel underwent over 26 hours per person of external advanced training.

Certification Achieved

The company has passed the TIPS A-level certification twice. The first certification, identified as TIPS-2022-cert.-039, is valid until December 31, 2023. The second certification, identified as TIPS-2023-cert.-071, will remain valid until December 31, 2025.