Ethical Management

At Daxin, we act with integrity. Our mission is to extend integrity to our customers, suppliers, creditors, shareholders, and the general public.

Daxin strictly prohibits all forms of bribery and corruption. As Daxin employees, we are entrusted with ensuring that the company’s operations reflect responsible business practices. To meet this responsibility, each employee must comply with the Employee Code of Conduct. We also host ethical management training programs for new hires and company-wide training to reinforce our ethical culture. At the same time, Daxin works cooperatively with its customers and suppliers to deliver benefits to the industry, and builds trust with its stakeholders.

The company established the Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles based on our operational principles of Honesty, Transparency, and Responsibility. The company's management team acts in accordance with the principles, and fosters a culture of good governance with the focus on ethics and tone at the top to build a sustainable business. The Human Resources Department is responsible for promoting ethical management, including establishing and enforcing regulations, offering several internal communication channels, and relevant confidentiality protection. The company reports to the Board of Directors regularly (at least once a year) and the latest report date is August 3, 2022. Measures of ethical management include:

1. All employees are required to sign the “Statement of Commitment to Ethical Conduct”. Employees must act with integrity while performing various business activities.

2. The Company provides training on ethical corporate management for new hires and regularly holds ethical management training, covering the topics of insider trading prevention, trade secret infringement prevention, patents and intellectual property, and other relevant courses. As of the end of 2022, the total training hours were 2,175; each employee received 6 hours of training related to ethical management training.

3. Suppliers or contractors are required to sign “An Undertaking of Transactions in Good Faith” and strictly implement high-standard anti-corruption policies as the premise for cooperation.

4. The Company expects our customers, suppliers, and other related business partners to understand and respect the company’s business ethics standards. However, failure to comply with the standards may result in termination of the business relationship.

Daxin actively develop positive relationships with all customers and suppliers to create a sustainable future. External stakeholders can report violations of integrity through the mailbox ( Any such reporting will be treated as confidential to the extent permitted by law.