Daxin’s belief in Quality, Integrity, Service, has triggered us in continuously developing electrical chemical materials; likewise, it is our passion to become one of the world’s leading chemical materials supplier. At the same time, leveling up technology skills to mitigate the impact that may bring against environment has always been our focus. Thus, Daxin's ultimate goal is to build a green enterprise which consists of zero disaster, zero accident and zero pollution.

Daxin's insistences on ESH
Not only prevention in pollution and risk, but also energy saving and waste reduction.
To strengthen ESH management so as to alleviate risks and impacts for environment.
To establish on ESH culture of safety and a comfortable working environment.
To comply with all ESH related regulations, as well as other international ESH standards.
To establish good communication tools; regularly conduct educational training courses.
Develop environmentally-friendly products; our ultimate goal is to become a green living enterprise.