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Greenhouse Gases Examination and Control

In recent years, the accumulation of greenhouse gas emissions has become the main reason causing global warming, climate, and ecosystem changes; therefore, this phenomenon due to its urgency has garnered worldwide attention that requires humanity to aggressively promote energy savings, as well as reductions in greenhouse and other gases in order to mitigate the greenhouse effect. For example, the Kyoto Protocol is an indication among countries that have an interest, dedication, and a shared responsibility to reduce global green house effects. Moreover, it is a significant environmental issue that domestic enterprises must immediately focus on and engage in a constructive manner.

With the realization that greenhouse gas emissions directly and indirectly affect our everyday surroundings, Daxin strictly complies with domestic principles to facilitate the control of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, Daxin has implemented the utilization of the ISO 14064 standard, taking measures such as the submission of greenhouse gas volumes, and provisions for publicizing examination reports periodically in order to demonstrate Daxin’s commitment to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, thereby reducing its own impacts in relationship to global warming.

2009 Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement
2010 Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement
2011 Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement
2012 Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement
2013 Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement

Concrete CO2 control policy

With the increase of environmental awareness, CO2 emissions have been closely monitored by Daxin; moreover, Daxin has implemented and administered a greenhouse gas examination plan since 2009 and obtained certification relating to evaluation procedures. Through this actualization of the above-mentioned plan, Daxin will then able to attain energy saving targets and protect our planet.

Being a global citizen, it is Daxin’s duty and responsibility to ensure greenhouse gas examinations that correspond to the following principles: “relevance, completeness, accuracy, and transparency”; likewise, the following controlling actions will also be adopted.

Auditing of greenhouse gas emissions will be conducted not only within fabs, but also external by annually. Thus, be able to receive more precise and updated circumstances.
Preceding year's greenhouse gas examination report will be publicized annually.
Reductions of additional emission volumes: Daxin would constantly endeavor to minimize emission volumes and meet any new regulatory measures and challenges.